Gemma De las Cuevas

I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and the PI of this group (and I am very happy to work with such a great team).

I work on trying to understand the reach of universality & undecidability across disciplines. A good entry point to this topic may be this recent TEDx talk or this essay. We have open Postdoc and PhD positions on this topic.

I also work on some mathematical physics topics, which mainly have to do with the interaction between the multiplicity of systems and positivity (or cones). A good entry point to this topic may be this recent oveview talk and this recent paper with Tim Netzer. Other fun things include this work on the halos of quantum states, and these invitations into quantum magic squares in The Science Breaker or Quanta magazine.

You can find things under sharing (knowledge) and in the research site of our group. I also share some of what I'm up to on Twitter.